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My name is Michael Garkov and I’m the director of Loyalbg Ltd, a Bulgarian real estate consultancy firm based in London and Sofia. I am also a professional chartered accountant, listed on the UK ACCA.

Over the past 10 years I have noticed a positive change in Bulgaria thanks to people like you investing in my beautiful country. I have witnessed a reduction in street crime; and also seen the steady decline of children begging on the streets. Villagers who once sold their livestock for a meal are finding a measure of personal prosperity while prostitution is no longer a common means of survival in Bulgaria.

Things have improved dramatically in this country.

The people of Bulgaria are a delight and I am certain you will come to love these people as I do. However, there are those bent on parting you from your investment capital. I do not refer to common street criminals; I am referring to a variety of international estate agents that have found Bulgaria’s property market personally lucrative.

Within the past decade Bulgaria has seen hundreds of estate agents from other countries move to Bulgaria to capitalize on the boom market. Sadly, many of these ‘estate agents’ have little understanding of the unique nature of Bulgaria and simply pocket your funds based on incomplete information. They are often ill equipped to provide appropriate advice based on their lack of understanding in Bulgarian real estate laws and procedures.

In the end you may wind up paying the price for their ineptitude.

Take my advice, only deal with professionals who know the Bulgarian property market, laws, culture and history. Do not entrust your money and dreams to a fly-by-night estate agent whose only commonality is that they speak your own language. They may be your fellow countrymen, but what do you really know about the agent or their understanding of Bulgaria?

I have noticed the only concern of such newly established “estate agents” is to make as much personal profit as possible, without regard to your investment needs or even whether the proposed property is the right and best investment option for you.

There is wisdom in a carefully selected agent.

Hundreds of clients have used my services and benefited from my market knowledge. My task is to protect your dreams and help you avoid fraudulent activities that sometimes occur in the Bulgarian real estate industry. My dream is to leave you with a wonderful taste of my country and to provide you with the most suitable investment opportunities for your circumstances and preferences.

You are most welcomed to visit me anytime at my office in London for a free consultation or general chat about the growing opportunities in Bulgaria.

I wish you a pleasant and profitable experience in Bulgaria,

Michael Garkov

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